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COMMISSIONS~ Open til June!

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 3, 2015, 2:46 PM
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OPEN! <3


-  Be prepared to pay after seeing the “final stage WIP” (A work in progress that give you the general idea of the color / pose / feeling of the image)
You will get a high resolution png. Most images will be published online unless you ask me not to!
-  The commissions are for personal use ONLY! Email me if you wish to negotiate sales interests or art book projects.
-  Please send reference images or a very detailed description of your characters!! I don’t need stories, just personality/pose ideas/appearance/etc.
-  Because of work/life and personal projects I may be slow at times. If you do not wish to continue the commission do to financial reasons, we can hold it off to the side until you want to continue :) If you don’t like the way it’s turning out, you’re free to trash it! No hard feelings!! <3 Commissions should take no longer than a month from start to finish, but I can’t always promise that!
-  Prices are in US dollars.
-  ALL WORKS ARE STILL MY OWN! I have the right to put them in my portfolio. I will not sell your characters without your permission, but I may sell prints of fan art. <3
-  You can edit/color your commission and repost any way you’d like, just please credit back to the original!

What I WILL draw:
-  Original characters and fan art are both completely fine! :)
-  All sorts of poses and angles are great if you ask for them! I could use the practice for weirder ones, so they may not be perfect!!
-  Other people’s OCs for presents/etc. as long as they would normally be okay with it!
-  All sorts of creatures! If I haven’t drawn it and it’s extremely weird, forgive me if it isn’t perfect! <3
-  Weapons/drugs/gore/diseased beings/guts I’m fine with most things :^) I probably won’t post it in my portfolio for obvious reasons.  <3

18+ mention:
-  Romantic porn and pin-ups are my specialties, however futa/tentacles/GB/DP/etc. many things are fair game! Don’t try to make me uncomfortable when asking, that’s just weird <3
-  Please look through my NSFW illustrations to get a ball-park idea of what I usually create. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t assume things beforehand &lt;3 EXAMPLES LINK &lt;3There isn’t much, but you get the idea
-  You must be 18 or older to purchase this content from me :( I am taking your word in writing that you are! Partial nudity illustrations (like breasts) is fine, just no sexual content for the kiddies!
-  18+ NSFW Commissions are completely doable upon request. Please email me at if you have any questions! :)

What I DO NOT draw, so please don’t ask:
-  Mecha / engines / complex machinery (Cyborgs are fine!!!)
-  Automobiles
-  Sexual content with minors / illegal/violent sexual acts
-  Hateful or insulting images of real people / other people’s characters
-  Pairings that I do not feel comfortable drawing…  
-  I will not dramatically lighten or darken trademarked character’s skin to suit your personal desires. I will draw all trademarked characters in the skin tone I SEE FIT to them. Once again, this is my portfolio and image you’re buying in to.
-  I reserve the right to decline a commission if I’m not comfortable with the content of the request. It has yet to happen, but I can never be too sure :) <3


Miniature/chibi -stylized characters
Christmas Commissions 1 by Momo-Deary  
LINED- $15.76 per single character commission
COLORED- $20.91 per single character commission / $31.20 for 2


Semi-realistic characters Portrait sketches/lined
co: Dae by Momo-Deary co: Elizabeth Blackstone by Momo-Deary K-naji by Momo-Deary co: Fari by Momo-Deary
Lined or sketched is entirely up to your aesthetic preference. The prices remain the same! :)

$20.91 - shoulders only
Flat rates, no matter the amount of detail! <3

Semi-realistic characters line art
co: St-Staris! by Momo-Deary co: Draven x Ribbon by Momo-Deary co: ME nova by Momo-Deary co: Fun and Games by Momo-Deary    
PARTIAL BODY  - $31.20 per single character
FULL BODY  - $36.35 per single character

+$8.55 for partial body extra //
+$12.67 per interacting character FULL body //
Fees WILL be added for more complex clothing/patterns.
Ranging from +$5-$15 max

Colored Bust
co: Knife Ears by Momo-Deary Reta by Momo-Deary co: Orc by Momo-Deary co: Jezebel by Momo-Deary  
Shoulders - $67.25
Elbows - $77.55

Flat rates, amount of detail/style does not matter! <3

Semi-realistic color
co: Roslyn by Momo-Deary co: Eyes like Fireflies by Momo-Deary co: Night Elf by Momo-Deary co: Dahlia Poenari by Momo-Deary    
Partial Body - $82.70 - $98.15 (Minimal clothing detail to highest detail)

Full Body - $93.00 - $154.79 (Minimal clothing detail to highest detail)



Commissions ---------

1. LadyCardboard (sk) - Puppypup <3
2. Space Moose (deviantart) - 2 chibs n plushies
3. FeralMango (email) - Ahri
4. FeralMango(email) - 2 Mi’qote luvs
5. Shauna (email)  - fallout OCs
6. Corrin (email) - Aurin butterfly ears color
7. C. A. (email) - WS human portrait
8. Potatoes (email) - TBA
9. Arimar (email) - FF13 TBA
10. Nazheeri (email) - bard n mage full color
11. _______________

current wait if added 3-4 weeks~ (at most)

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My art will consist of Monster Boys/Girls, League of Legends, and hopefully some concepts and characters I've been mulling over for the last year :)



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